Life is Limitless. Discover your Bold, Unshakeable Life!

Awaken The Human Spirit

Create An Unshakeable Life with Passion and Purpose so that, we can move humanity forward as a collective group of SuperHeroes committed to service, benevolence, empowerment, and Love.

Awaken the Human Spirit

Awaken The Human Spirit

Create An Unshakeable Life with Passion and Purpose so that, we can move humanity forward as a collective group of SuperHeroes committed to service, benevolence, empowerment, and Love.

Over the years I've been able to transform the lives of thousands of professionals and people from all walks of life to live with unshakeable passion, purpose and impact!

Using the FierceGrace Transformation Method, our clients have the ability to annihilate all blocks and limitations. To live life with embraced authenticity. They have a sense of belonging with a potent purpose in this life and they aren't afraid to live it. They are free of burnout and stress because they see the world with a new set of lenses. They have been witness to their own divinity and superpowers and can never ever, unsee it.

Our clients realize that they have been through a lot and they deserve more. They start living through the heart and creating their own future, not living in someone else's dream or a version of themselves they no longer recognize.

Time and time again, we've proven that what people believe is impossible is now their reality. When you have the right strategy and system of support, you make the impossible; possible.


The unstoppable Force inside of you that was buried through the adversity and pain in your life.

Our method awakens this source

of power to be unleashed and unbound


Through the Power of the heart and your innate nature to love, our method gives way to embracing the passion and conviction that is sourced within the depth of your ability to act in Love.


When it comes to transformation, blending both the dark and light, the Fierce and the Grace creates an unshakeable power. Our approach eliminates the hidden limitation and ignites the true essence of your being with total acceptance where your Human Spirit is Awakened

FierceGrace unpacks, alchemizes, and creates a clean canvas to activate your inner SuperHero to live your Unshakeable Life.

Jessie Torres

This is the opportunity to discover and embrace the beauty and magnificence that is YOU! FGT, demands that we transform ourselves from the depths of our darkness into our greatest power and light. It gives the ability to see and be witness to what is unseen within you so that you never ever unsee it.

You will awaken to the power that lies beneath the layers of protection from the wounded heart that has now become the filters through which you live your life. Stress, exhaustion, and burnout are at the helm when you are living a version of yourself that you feel is required to thrive or fulfill your wildest dreams.

You are wired for greatness! The power within you is just waiting to be unleashed. A new life full of purpose and passion awaits – one that can only happen when we activate the strongest source inside you; your heart.

Actualization will lead the way from the personal power that is now your new normal when the SuperHero within is leading the way.

Who is this for?

• People committed to thriving vs surviving

• People that are action takers and seekers of a better way

• People who are ready to stop hiding and start living

If you are willing to demand a higher standard, ready to do the work, and are driven to do so, then this is for you.


• Show up ready to play full out

• Bring your most authentic self

• Be committed, coachable & willing to participate in your transformation

This transformation is for you! You have to show up for yourself as you would someone you love the most.

Who is this NOT for?

• Those that are resolved to their pain and don't believe change is possible

• Those that are resistant to spiritual modalities and emotional intelligence

• Those with a victim mindset who prefer suffering to solution-based thinking

You have to be willing to lift the veil of lies to be witness to the truth of your power. If vulnerability and honesty scare you then this is not for you.


• To Awaken the Human Spirit

• To Activate the SuperHero within

• To move Humanity forever by living and acting through love and contribution.

To create an awakened, authentic group of individuals committed to living in their power and spreading bold love in the world one soul at a time.

Results you can expect

• Awaken to the inner truth of your superpower

• Annihilate stress and burnout and live in a bliss state

• Live with authenticity, congruence, passion and alignment

To stop beating yourself up for mistakes and be witness to the light of your Spirit and see this in others so that we can shift humanity.

Ready to take the next step?

Jessie helped me accept myself and see that I was this great person all long.

My outcomes from Fierce Grace were beyond my expectations. I learned to recognize the triggers that set me off, and how to avoid that toxic cycle. At times, I was lashing out with impatience, and regretting it. I just felt unbalanced, worried, and at times, filled with shame. I was ready for a change and Fierce Grace gave me the courage to see that I had what I needed inside me all along, but I had to stop sabotaging myself. I had to be kind to myself, prioritize my needs, and love myself enough do what was necessary to change.

- Sarah S

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Jessie has an extraordinary willingness to give from a place of 100% aligned authenticity, integrity, and love.

Jessie is fierce grace for a reason. She will hold up the mirror and challenge you but it’s not just to accomplish a measurable outcome; it’s to BE your highest self, the superhero, who boldly lives her God-given purpose and creates a healing ripple effect.

Jessie will go there with you – anywhere, to any depth. She won’t forget about you. She SEEs you and gives you hope that you were made for more and can indeed have it. She blends laser sharp coaching and communication skills with a depth of feeling that reveals distinctions and the missing pieces you need to heal and expand. Simply put, there is no other Jessie. She’s the Spirit Guide of a lifetime!.

- Stacey S

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If you are considering working with Jessie Torres, stop hesitating and pull the trigger. Right now. It’ll be one of the best decisions you ever make.

Jessie has been an incredible source of inspiration, support and TRANSFORMATION in both my business and life. What I found with Jessie was not only the FASTEST POSSIBLE PATH towards realizing my goals but so much more.

I have never felt more on-purpose or better equipped to meet the challenges of tomorrow. And my business has never, ever been as successful. Within weeks, my wife and I realized that we were now operating at a different place financially.

Anish M.

Success & Career Coach

I thank my lucky stars to be guided by Jessie as my coach and leader of my mastermind.

Jessie is a luminous soul. She's a gifted coach in the world of start-up business, growth marketing, deep development coaching and consultative sales with an enlightened approach. She pivots effortlessly between strategy, next-step tactics, and soul purpose.

Jessie's fierce grace approach brings it all together with passion - and a sense of urgency when necessary to light a fire - and purpose, the grace that each individual client brings with unique divine gifts.

It's impossible not to love this light warrior.

Dawn E.

Chief education Officer at the Shift Network

I am forever grateful to have met and worked with Jessie. Life has never been the same.

Working with Jessie, I was able to create a deeper level with my team, clients and family. Being a business owner can be extremely challenging, and having Jessie as my coach helped me to get a fresh perspective on how to solve and face business and personal challenges, enhance my decision-making skills, increase my confidence on my entrepreneurship skills and implement relevant goals.

I am forever grateful to have met and worked with Jessie. Life has never been the same. Thank you for introducing, and connecting me to a greater circle of entrepreneurs, and visionaries.

Maria E

Financial Strategist, Author, and Speaker.