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Seeker Of Knowledge

Here is what is true about me...As a seeker of knowledge and adventurer with a lust for life, I am fueled by a passionate love for humanity and a burning desire to end suffering. Suffering is present when we are not living our authentic selves, the pure beauty of who you were born to be. I had to take a look deeply within myself to recognize how lost I was and how I was hiding behind all the armor I had wrapped around my heart, not living in the freedom of my feminine core. I was terrified to set her free, I had riddled my essence with so much shame, I couldn't find her. This determination led me to a lot of healing and embodying once and for all, all of who I was and discovered my greatest strength.

Limitless Potential

First and foremost, as a mom, I am leading my team of three children, to seek and expand their limitations. To have them successfully see the gift and beauty in their own Spirit so that they can help awaken others in their own unique way. I knew that if I was going to effectively lead them, I had to do my own inner work. I had to find my authentic Feminine for my daughter to see what an empowered woman looked like. For my son's, I had to set the stage for them to seek the authenticity in their partners and to know how to be the Heart centered Warrior's that they now are, for themselves and their partners.

Throughout my journey of adversity and feeling like death was the only answer, an act of kindness ignited a light inside me that realized that if this feeling was available, life is worth living. From that drew an insatiable desire to understand; not only why we create the armor within ourselves but also the enormity of our deepest potential when living authentically in our core Essence.

Take the first step to TRANSFORMING your life, connect with me and let's
have an honest conversation of what is holding you back and how I can
be the catalyst for drastic but authentic change, without sacrificing
what you have already achieved.


How to live an Unshakeable turned on life, without sacrificing your success or your family

The Courage

My journey has been one of child abuse, the loss of both my brothers to murder, 30 years apart, and a marriage that left me completely apathetic, emotionless, and spiritually dead. The burnout was beyond anything I felt I could survive. As someone who has lived with fear every day, I know that small steps are big steps. I help my clients find the courage to take the small steps to realize their true feminine essence and put down their guarded mask, to live the passionate, empowered life of their dreams. I have braved looking inside behind the armor of false protection to awaken the most powerful part of who I am. I coach my clients to identify what is preventing their empowered journey and how once the Goddess Spirit is awakened the beauty of their core Essence is magnificent and life unfolds in the most gorgeous way.

Becoming The Specialist

I have created a life of facing challenges over and over again. If it scared me, I put myself on the front lines, and with a Fierce desire and rebellious Spirit, I built a muscle of knowing and understanding that the limitation in our lives is only the “belief” that there is one. Our Empowered woman capabilities are within reach and our human potential is boundless and awaiting our calling. Working with forward-thinking thought leaders, like Tony Robbins, OneWorld Academy, a 40 year Tantric teacher, and the HeartMath Institute to name a few, has given me a unique perspective and the opportunity to leverage an understanding of the human condition from many facets.

Jessie is an amazing coach with a wealth of knowledge

Jessie Torres is an amazing coach who is both supportive and driven to help her clients receive results. Jessie has helped me in my journey to begin my own coaching business. She has a wealth of knowledge and resources she readily shares.

~ Suzanne W.

Executive Director at Water to Thrive; Safe Water solutions for East Africa

The Birth Of Possibilities

This is how FierceGrace was born, challenging myself to do things I am fearful of gives me a unique perspective as a coach. Learning to push through my own fears with Grace, taught me how to help you identify and push through yours. With this as my driving force, I now live a life that is passionate, sensual, and fulfilled. I believe that this is what is waiting for you. As a committed soul, you are looking for something more. It's time that we unlock the beautiful Goddess within you! I help do just this by identifying what is stopping you from living out your true destiny--and then guiding you through healing your blocks or stressors so you can take control over how best to live your life.

The Time Is Now...

As a High Performance Coach, Author, Speaker and Transformational Leader, I have thousands of hours of coaching people from all over the world. I surround myself with world changers and influencers and with Grace and Grit and an effective hands-on approach, have successfully unlocked the power and elevated the human spirit in the lives of the women that have committed to making their lives extraordinary, passionate and delicious. As women leaders they are now paying it forward to help move humanity forever!

The time is now! You just have to decide to fuel that spark. I did. Will you? I can't wait to meet you!

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