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You are strong, you know how to get stuff done, that is not the problem...

You are feeling constantly on guard, ready for the fight and bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders. You find yourself trapped in a cycle of vigilance, unable to trust and connect deeply with those around you.

I see you. I understand the battles you face every day – the exhaustion, the hidden tears, and the longing for a sense of freedom you can't seem to grasp.

You once knew openness as a girl, delighting freely before life dimmed your light. It was not your fault, safety was taken from you, but the time has come to unclench your fists, to peel back the protective layers that shielded and confined you. There is a power inside that is waiting your acceptance, the Feminine prowess that yearns to remove the masculine mask.

I know you are scared. It terrifies you to think that if you ask for help, everything you've built will crumble.

I get you....but what if life, COULD BE DIFFERENT?

What if, you can access this hidden truth or desire and you don’t have to sacrifice everything to achieve it. There is another way. You can come alive and feel empowered to live your life with Passion, Grit and Sensuality. You will be turned on and activated to feel the depth of your own strength and tenderness, so much so, that every day is awe inspiring and exhilarating.

Fierce Grace, is a 10-week journey that is designed for women who have been warriors in their own lives, constantly guarding against unseen threats, always ready for the next challenge. It’s time to lay down your armor and uncover the empowered, graceful woman within.

Take the first step to TRANSFORMING your life, connect with me and let's have an honest conversation of what is holding you back and how I can be the catalyst for drastic but authentic change.

I just had an amazing sales call,

I cannot wait for the next one! I was able to help my client step into her feminine energy and really visualize it.

Rachael Weaver

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Jessie has an extraordinary willingness to give from a place of 100% aligned authenticity, integrity, and love.

Jessie is fierce grace for a reason. She will hold up the mirror and challenge you but it’s not just to accomplish a measurable outcome; it’s to BE your highest self, the superhero, who boldly lives her God-given purpose and creates a healing ripple effect.

Jessie will go there with you – anywhere, to any depth. She won’t forget about you. She SEEs you and gives you hope that you were made for more and can indeed have it. She blends laser sharp coaching and communication skills with a depth of feeling that reveals distinctions and the missing pieces you need to heal and expand. Simply put, there is no other Jessie. She’s the Spirit Guide of a lifetime!.

Stacey S

CEO, Hypnotherapist & Mindset Coach at Powerhouse Hypnosis

This is why

was created.

My name is Jessie, for the past 20 years, I have coached people from all walks of life and I consistently found that most dealt with some form of trauma that was causing fear and limitation in their lives today.

Like them, I held up my own walls for decades. Growing up, vulnerability equaled danger and the world did not seem safe for the full expression of a tender soul. But the fortress I obeyed kept others out and me deeply in. I longed for an escape, an undoing, a permit for feeling. I ached under the armor I had built.

My liberation began when I honored the hurting, hidden girl still residing inside this scared woman’s form. My healing started when I cradled her, listened to decades of unspoken pain, and affirmed her innocence. Slowly, gently, I integrated disowned parts of myself. As I dissolved the barriers built from fear and mistaken beliefs, I found the forcibly abandoned aspects of my womanhood - my intuitive voice, sensuality, nurturing hands, convicted Spirit and liberating heart.

I uncovered a resilience deep in my bones that allows me to dwell softly in this world, freely and fearlessly as I was meant to. Today I walk freely in my purpose: to guide this same remembering for other women whose inner light has dimmed under duress and social conditioning.

The Good News?

You don't have to go it alone. Not anymore, at least...I'm here for you! I really want what is best for your life and deep down, so do you.

I get YOU and am passionate about helping you transform into the gorgeous Goddess you were born to be! Don't let the opportunity pass you by. This is about YOUR life, choose to live it YOUR way!

Welcome to

All the best,

Jessie Torres


Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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Yesterday, I signed my 4th coaching client! Pilot program full!

Shelly West

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I enrolled 2 new students today. First 2 in 1 day ever!

Sara Ceo

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Jessie helped me accept myself and see that I was this great person all long.

My outcomes from Fierce Grace were beyond my expectations. I learned to recognize the triggers that set me off, and how to avoid that toxic cycle. At times, I was lashing out with impatience, and regretting it. I just felt unbalanced, worried, and at times, filled with shame. I was ready for a change and Fierce Grace gave me the courage to see that I had what I needed inside me all along, but I had to stop sabotaging myself. I had to be kind to myself, prioritize my needs, and love myself enough do what was necessary to change.

- Sarah S

Kid's Life Coaching, Family Coach, Master Educator, Gifted Specialist at Confident Kids Coaching International

The coaching experience with Jessie Torres is EXTRAordinary.

Be ready for significant lightbulb moments. Be ready to take a monumental leap forward in your life. Be ready to be gently, and, ever so effectively, transformed. Jessie is more than a coach, she becomes your most trusted advisor, and the ripple effect impacts every area of your life. I would recommend a family member to be coached by her. This is how highly I value and respect the unique Jessie Torres.

- Tanya U.

Speaker, Author, Corporate Trainer, Executive Mentor

With Jessie, there is an expansiveness that just overflows...

I am mostly having this dream of being naked and uncomfortable and with Jessie, its like she sees you and loves that which you are not comfortable with and you realize that "WOW" its OK to just be me. I feel blessed and free and it feels great. When I grow up, I want to be just like her.

~ Gao M.

Associate Vice President, strategic communications & Chief Communication Officer at California State University, Fullerton